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Joint replacement is a surgical procedure where a damaged joint is been replaced with an artificial substance. A joint is where two or more bones are attached together like: Hip, Shoulder, knees and elbows.


A joint replacement expert performs joint replacement treatment when there is stern joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviating by less-invasive therapies. This surgeries becoming more universal with hips and knees. Each year thousands of patients undergo joint replacement surgery in Delhi, and abroad.


Orthopedic surgeons usually perform joint replacement treatments. In this surgery it is not necessary that the whole part is removed or been operated, sometimes it’s just affected area which is been fixed or replace the damaged parts.


Replacing a joint is effective in relieving from extreme pain which one go through if not replaced. Hence, doctor considers joint replacement surgery for improved life. Other joints that can be replaced are: - fingers, elbows, ankles & shoulders.


We at Gurdeep Singh Ratra Clinic make sure that the treatment procedure goes hassle free and patients feel as relax as can. We provide them medical council prior to surgery so that any fear; any negative thoughts can be vanished from the mind. Explore a new life in a new way with joint replacement surgery in Delhi.

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