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Dear Dr. Gurdeep

On behalf of my mother Mrs Uma Arora who underwent Total Knee Replacement for both her knees simultaneously in a single sitting.
We would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for your care and the comfort you gave her. She was suffering from knee pain and walking difficulty for a very long time and like most people, was very apprehensive about surgery. But after the counseling you gave her with so much patience, she thankfully agreed for the surgery.

Today she is so happy to walk freely and without any pain; she says she should have got her knees replaced earlier so she wouldn’t have had to endure all the pain she did all these years before the surgery.

I am very thankful that you were the surgeon who operated my mother’s knees. She is very pleased with the outcome of both the knees. Her rehabilitation was absolutely fantastic. Today she is able to perform her daily activities, climb stairs without any pain.

Thanks once again for all your efforts.
Thank you !!
Nitin Arora

Dr. Gurdeep

My life as a hard-working attorney came to a complete standstill in 2009 due to intense pain in my left knee. The pain originated from what doctors called a malunited fracture in my left knee that I got in an accident 9 years ago. The gradually increasing and unbearable pain took over my career and social life.

As an attorney, I was required to stand many hours in a courtroom; however the debilitating pain my knee made this nearly impossible and I was beginning to think of early retirement. I had to reschedule my entire life, unable to enjoy the simple daily pleasures of life, like going to a movie or even climbing up the stairs.

Thankfully a junior colleague of mine whose father underwent a knee replacement from you referred me to you. Seeing his father walk normally just 6-8 weeks after the operation gave me the courage to undergo my left knee replacement from you.

Today I thank God Almighty I took that decision.

Now I walk normally with no pain at all. I am back in my profession with renewed vigour and passion. My family and friends all notice that the pain is gone- they say they can tell it in my face.

Thank you !!
K.S. Narula

Dr. Gurdeep

No words are enough to thank you when you operated on me for my left hip replacement after an old hip socket fracture I had some years ago.

Your approach to your patient and the patience with which you explained me about my surgery left a lasting impression on me.

I had pain, I used to limp and my left leg was about 1 inch shorter than my right side.

Today its been 3 years- I walk very well, legs are equal and most people cannot guess I had some surgery seeing me walk.

P.S. Nambiar

Dear Dr. Gurdeep

Greetings from Nigeria. I am your patient Mary Rose. I am very good.

I had old fracture in my right thigh bone operated 5 times here in Nigeria in 6 years but not healed and with 3 inch short.

You operated me in 2008- you fixed my bone and put monorail fixator and slowly increase length.

Now my fracture healed and both legs almost equal. I can walk without crutches after so many years.

I am happy I came to India and show you.

Mary Rose Okoh
Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Dr. Gurdeep

I’m your 69 year old patient R.C. Gupta from Gorakhpur. I knew that knee surgery was inevitable but I, like many others, put it off as long as possible. But I finally got to the point where I was quite disabled and in pain most of the time.

I got my right knee replaced from you on 24th April 2009 and felt so much pain relief that I got my left knee also replaced on 28th May 2009 (you told me to wait another month but I didn’t want to).
It was an excellent choice. The surgeon was outstanding. The hospital was outstanding. The nursing staff was outstanding. The physiotherapy department was also outstanding. I feel very fortunate to have been treated by such a great team. I feel younger now.

Ram Chandra Gupta

Dear Dr. Gurdeep

Salaam. This is Khaled from Najaf (Iraq). How are you sir?

You operated me 2 years ago. I had a hip fracture 20 years ago from an army injury. I walked for 20 years with crutch with one leg short. You did my hip change operation in Fortis hospital. Thank you. I am very happy. My family is very happy. I walk for long distance now. No crutches.

Thank you !!,
Md. Khaled.

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